The Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE) was formed on 1 January 2004. It is an independent academic society whose broad objective is to promote the conduct and communication of scientific research related to all aspects of the use of computers in education, especially within the Asia-Pacific.

APSCE evolved from the Asia-Pacific Chapter (APC) of the Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education (AACE).

The APC was established on 1 January 1994, after the third ICCE conference held in Taiwan in 1993.

The specific objectives of APSCE are:

  • To promote the conduct and dissemination of research employing the use of computing technologies in education within the Asia-Pacific region and internationally.
  • To encourage and support the academic activities of researchers in member countries and to nurture a vibrant research community of younger as well as more experienced researchers.
  • To enhance international awareness of research conducted by researchers in member countries.
  • To obtain greater representation of active researchers from the Asia-Pacific region in committees of related leading academic and professional organizations and the editorial boards of reputable journals.
  • To organize and hold the International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE) conference series in member countries.
  • To engage in other appropriate academic and professional activities including but not limited to the setting up of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the publication of a Society newsletter and a Society journal.