Tutorial #2 (Tuesday, Nobmber 6; Morning [half-day])

Title: Design principles of Educational Web Pages

Speaker: Woochun Jun, Seoul National University of Education (SNUE), Korea.

Abstract: The purpose of the tutorial is to address broad issues in design principles of educational Web pages. The tutorial has two main parts, basic design theories and user interface design, respectively. In basic Web page design theories, the main design principles such as Gestalt theory, Cognitive theory and Constructivism are introduced. For each design theory, key ideas and examples will be discussed. User interface design will include message management, display management, interactivity design, and motivation Support.

Bio: Prof. Woochun Jun is an associate professor of Dept. of Computer Education at Seoul National University of Education(SNUE), Seoul, Korea. He has been in Dept. of Computer Education at SNUE since 1998. He got both bachelor and master degree from Dept. of Computer Science at Sogang University, Seoul, Korea. He also got his Ph.D. degree from School of Computer Science at University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA. His research areas include Web-based instruction, mobile learning and gifted education on computer, etc. He has published many research papers on computer education and database area in international and domestic journals and conferences. He has also published some books on computer education. Currently he is a chief editor of the Korean Journal of Information Education.